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Do It Yourself to help reduce costs!

Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed tinkering about in my Dads tool shed and watching him make and break stuff.

Recently I embarked on a large project which would end up as a summer house in the garden.

I spent most of my spare time during 2016 and managed to complete the project!

But this sort of project is ideal to keep yourself occupied. DIY helps lower costs on many jobs around the house, instead of paying more money to get someone in to do the job why not do it yourself. If your not confident, then try on small jobs first, learning new skills along the way is a bonus!


I am very proud of my work although it took longer than anticipated and I encountered a number of problems along the way.

I hope this can inspire other like minded people to do the same if you ever want to build your own garden shed or summer house or anything else - from scratch! Then go for it! You won't regret it once it is done! You will be proud of your accomplishment.

As well as pulling apart laptops when I was a kid and always interested in how things worked, I was also interested in DIY, I never shy away from any projects, big or small!

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