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Free Collections*

We offer free collection of your old IT equipment, please contact us for details

If you are interested in using our professional services to recycle, repair, reuse, refurbish and sell your old IT equipment on one of our channels such as ebay or Amazon or on this website through our online shop, then please contact us for details!

Turn your unwanted items into CASH!

We are a one-stop shop for getting rid of your old unwanted items! We can also pay you cash using PayPal or direct into your bank account.

You may be eligible for cashback on your old IT equipment if you decide to let us sell your old items!

If you want to get rid of your old IT equipment then there is no need to leave the house, we will collect from you door!

If you live anywhere within the Greater Manchester area, we will offer free collection of your old IT equipment,  we collect laptops, tablets, phones, desktops, monitors. We don't currently accept printers or printer ink. Please dispose of these items carefully and in accordance to your local council guidelines on recycling of such items. These items can be easily disposed of at your council recycling centres across the UK.

Especially during this difficult period in our lives it is even more important to take care of the environment, so please think before you dispose of that old piece of IT tech in the bin. Always contact someone like us to reuse and recycle it so it does not end up in landfil.

Hardware and Software Repairs

Here at Oopsilon IT Solutions, we offer cheap competitively priced repairs to your computer and mobile devices. Contact us for details

Process of Mobile Repair