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Printer problems?

Unfortunately we don't repair printers but we can offer free advice to help you get back to work as quickly and as cheap as possible!

Common printer problems and solutions

Here I will try and outline the most common printer related issues and quick and easy solutions to get back up and running.

Paper Jam!

This is the easiest and most common problem which occurs when paper gets stuck and you pull the shet out which leaves a small slither in the printer somewhere, this cases a jam. The printer will not print until this jam is removed.

Open the front hatch and back panel to access most of the area where the paper would flow through, use a torch on your phone to look into the mechanisms and see if you can find any missing pieces of paper left in the drive train or around any cogs.

On some printers you may need to remove the ink cartridges (this is the case for ink-jet printers)

pieces of paper causing any issues will only be found along the path the paper follows in the printer.

If your confident enough you can try dismantling the printer bit by bit until you get access to the area where the piece of paper can be found.

Sometimes paper jam may cause belts to snap, cartridges to get blocked or toners to stop working properly.

Lines and poor quality print

This is more common in ink-jet printers, it can be a symptom of low in, or mis-aligned print heads. Use the printers menus to navigate to print head alignment and see if that helps.

If this does not work then you may need to buy more ink cartrdiges.

For laser printers you can first check the toner levels, if they are ok, then you can remove the toner from the printer, tilt it side to side and then put it back in the printer, it should help sort out the issue.

If not then you may need a new toner.

WiFi printing is not working anymore

Sometimes a simple turn off and on again can resolve this issue, otherwise you may need to reboot your router and your laptop or PC as well.

Check that your printer drivers are up-to date and that the printer is connected to your wifi / lan network.

I sent the print job to the printer but it won't print!

  • Check your print queue delete any jobs not printing and restart pc if necessary.

  • Check for error messages on the printer display if it has one.

  • Check your printer drivers are up-to date, and that your are connected to the printer either WiFi or using usb cable.

  • Check that the USB cable is in good working order.

  • Use another USB port on your PC or laptop

  • Delete and re-install your printer using the drivers disc provided. Also check for updates if necessary.

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