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Moving ON!

I have started a University Course and will be continuing the business but in a limited capacity. I decided to make this change due to current economic climate which has made running a small business full time incredibly difficult! For those who still manage this during this time I salute you!

I have wanted to go back and retrain for many years and this was the catalyst to drive me to make the decision to go do just that!

I will be studying Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Salford. This is a 3 years full time course which will lead to a BSc qualification and I will be a registered health care professional with the HCPC

As IT is one of my passions I will continue to offer my services but in a limited capacity, the online business side of things will continue as far as I am able, with juggling course commitments, family and work.

I want to thank all my loyal customers of many years and also to those who are new to me. I thank each and every one of you! I appreciate your business and hope to deal with you again soon!

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